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Saturday, August 7, 2010

posted Aug 31, 2010, 1:14 PM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

Everyone is home safe with the memories and joys of summer camp still with them.  Friday was another wonderful day of fun and adventure.  We went White Water rafting and all enjoyed a dip in the river to cool off.  Many families came up Friday and joined us on the rafting trip.  The reunions were joyful and exciting to watch with some none stop streams of conversations from the scouts to the parents!
We took up two full boats on the river.  Here are some pictures:

Friday, August 6, 2010

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Greetings from the BEAUTIFUL Andirondacks Mountains.  Today is one of the memorable summer days where it is mild, breezy, blue sky with white clouds.
Well it is hard to believe the week is almost over.  It has been quite a week with lots of fun, experiences, joy and lots of learnings.
Yesterday our Troop did the Zipline.  What fun.  Some of our scouts could sign up for the circus as trapeeze artists!  With a small group every scout had the opportunity to use the Zipline as many times as time would permit.  Fun was had by all.
Last night at retreat was the Theme night.  We were the only Troop in full costume, they looked GREAT.  Thanks go to Sean for his creativity in guiding the Troop this event with the costumes.  
In the Read Relay, AJ, Griffin, Sean and Matt G did a valient effort but alas we did not place.  But they looked good!
We missed Dunlin and Matt S last night as they spent the night on Mtn. #8 for their Wilderness Survival Merit Badge.  Their counselor was Garrett so the experience was especially good for them as they were comfortable with his leadership.  They arrived at day break back to our campsite with smiles on thier faces and lots of tales of bugs, sounds and lack of sleep in their shelters.  What a great expierence for them.  They earned their 'survival' neckerchef covers and are wearing them proudly.
Back at our Campsite we have a Troop campfire where the scout roasted LARGE marshmellows and shared stories of their week.
Today we go White Water rafting .....  
Mrs. Kennedy & Mr. West

Thursday, Aug 5, 2010

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Wow, it is Thursday already!


What a day it was yesterday, we were on the go from morning until night!


We started the morning by making sure that EVERYTHING was picked up, cleaned, organized and neat.  Well all the work paid off as the Troop earned the WHITE GLOVE award last night during retreat at the parade field!   Yeah, Troop 154!



During Siesta the scouts wrote out postcards to send home.  You should receive them on Saturday.  Hopefully before your scout gets home!


The Scouts continued to work on their Patrol Flags during Siesta and they finished all the cutting and gluing last night!


The big event of the afternoon was the Dutch Oven contest.  With AJ’s leadership and recipe the chefs (Jack, Matt G, Griffin, Clay), made a Chocolate Turtle Cake. AJ and Mr. West then spend the afternoon managing the coals and turning the oven to ensure the end results!  We renamed the Turtle Cake the ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake, it was EXCELLENT.  But alas, they did not win the competition but we truly enjoyed the results in the evening. 


We had 5 scouts participate in the Buckskin Triathlon last night.  AJ, Dunlin, Griffin, Matt G and Sean.   Due to a late start and lack of daylight the event became a Biathlon!  Running and swimming only.  AJ and Dunlin won their heat of running and Griffin won his heat on swimming but overall our Troop did not place.  But they certainly did their best.

Sean wanted to start race with swimming!                              Dunlin taking his heat!                                                    AJ whoosing by, he is fast!



The second event of the evening was the Fire Building competition.  Clayton, Jack, Matt S and Jack represented our Troop.  I understand that it was too close to call so no winners were announced.  We did our best but struggled a little in this competition.



The biggest event of the night was Sam’s ‘surprise’ going-away party.  We had balloons, crepe paper, sparkling cider for a toast and candles for the Chocolate Turtle cake and Pineapple Upside down cake and we sang “For he is a Jolly Good Fellow” and cheered.  Mt Kisco Troop 1 supplied homemade Ice Cream for the party which we enjoyed.  A few of the Camp Staff were guests and everyone enjoyed the evening.  It took Sam a couple more minutes to get to sleep last night but he was smiling until he fell asleep.  We all wish him well and will miss him!


This morning ALL the scouts got up early again and did the Polar Bear swim.  What a crew, they are amazing!

Today is .... Zip line in the afternoon ... Theme night at retreat ... Read Relay ... and Robin Hood competition ... and of course their Merit Badge classes ... all is good  ....



Our boys are TRUE scouts.  They are living the Scout Law and Oath through their actions and words.  They are all working together, supporting each other, cooperating in events, looking out for each other, and making sure that everyone is included in games and discussions.  There are a lot of smiles, laughing and general silliness going on and it is a PLEASURE to see and experience.  Thanks for sharing your sons with us.
Mrs. Kennedy & Mr. West

Wednesday Aug 4, 2010

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Another BEAUTIFUL day a Scout camp .....
Yesterday was packed with activities, fun and fresh air. 
At Siesta time (after lunch 1 - 2pm), and last night at the campsite, the scouts worked on their Patrol Flag for the competition on Friday.  They are busy working on two flags with very intricate designs.  Dunlin, Matt S and Sean seem to be the top graphic designers with the other contributing ideas and their efforts.
During the afternoon yesterday most of the scouts went to Low COPE.  COPE is Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, which provides a an opportunity for a group to solve as a team the presented challenge.  The first challenge they had was to get a tire off a 10 foot pole, they quickly figured out that if they used long sticks they could work together and get the tire off.  The real challenge was when the leader told them to get the tire back on and they could not throw the tire or use any sticks.  Very fun to watch they struggle and work together, the eventually got it accomplished.  The second challenge was to build a plank brige across stumps and get everyone across without fallinging and then back again with ANY talking.   Mr. West and I enjoyed that part watching them learn to communicate silently!
On Tuesday evening after dinner is the Scout Vesper service.  A few scouts attending the service where we enjoyed a review of the meaning of each point of the scout law and it's application in our daily life.  Yes, Mom ... Matt S, Dunlin and AJ did attend the service!
Last night was the Pie Eating competition and the Order of the Arrow (OA) Ice Cream social.  While our scouts were a competitive group they did not place in the ranking.  But all participants eagerly ate their pie.  There was some shenanigans afterwards with Sean putting pies in the face of a few, all a cooperative activity.  Very fun to see them laughing and enjoying the event.
 Back to the campsite for the Dutch Oven Competition .... Silver Bullet Competition ... Triathalon race ... Fire Building Competition ... oh, and Merit Badge classes ...
All is good and going well ....
Mrs. Kennedy & Mr. West 

Tuesday Aug 3, 2010

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A GREAT first full day of camp was had by ALL ...
We had a bit of rain yesterday afternoon but it did not last long and everything went on as usual.  The scouts are doing wonderfully, they attended their first day of Merit Badge sessions and everyone enjoyed their counselors and classes.  We had a Troop picture taken after lunch and all the Scouts decided they wanted to have it done in their full uniform rather than their Activity shirts.  Yes they are still wearing their Activity shirts daily as you will see in the upcoming pics.
Last night was the famous Staff Hunt.  The staff members all hide in the woods and the scouts try to find them.  Once they find a staff member they get to tag them and escort them to the Waterfront and "push" them into the water.  I gave our scouts a 'hint' were Garrett would be 'hiding' and they found him (Garrett told me where he would be).  So AJ and Griffin got to throw Garrett into the water last night.  Below is a pic of them escorting Garrett to the Waterfront and pushing him in.
Later in the evening we had a campfire at our site.  They did skits and commercials, led by our one and only Sean.  He is quite the showman (love that boy).  It was fun because at one point the entire Troop was in the skit and Mr. West and I were the only audience!  Dunlin and Matt S created and managed a wonderful campfire for us to enjoy.  With AJ's expert arm motion we made campfire popcorn that they all thought was the best popcorn they had ever tasted! (plain, no butter or salt)
This morning was the first Polar Bear swim, Mr. West and I had to finally call them off the swimming dock as they did not want to leave.  Below is their 'manly' pose after their swim, brave Scouts!!
We have another full day today.  Matt S, Sean and AJ recieved their packages from home and enjoyed and shared their gifts.
Mrs. Kennedy & Mr. West

Monday August 2, 2010

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Greetings from beautiful Camp Buckskin!
It is Monday morning and all the scouts are off to Merit Badge classes.  We have been very busy getting our site setup and acclimating to camp.
They started their afternoon with their orientation of the dining hall procedures, a swim test and a tour of the camp.  After which they returned to Teheco for tent, mosquito net and sleeping bag setup.  We had Chicken Parmesan and Penne last night for dinner and everyone ate! 
Last night we were entertained by the Camp Staff with many wonderful skits sitting by the edge of the lake.  On the road down to the Camp show Mr West and I could hear them coming as they were all singing together - Don't Stop Believing.  Love these boys! 
At the campfire show the scouts were especially thrilled to see Garrett leading an elaborate skit (tankiety-tankiety!).  We returned to the Teheco around 10pm and everyone went to their tents. Whew!
AJ has truly been a leader for the boys and we are very fortunate to have him with us.  AJ has been showing them the 'ropes' and reviewing their week of Troop activities.  They made a decision to make several modifications.  One is they want to participate in the Buckskin Triathlon rather than the Indoor Rock Climbing on Wednesday.  They all want to do the Polar Bear Swim this week which is an early morning swim. 
Rest assurd that each and every scout has a smile on their face and was eager and ready for classes this morning.
Mrs. Kennedy  & Mr. West

Pre-Launch Update

posted Jul 29, 2010, 7:27 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

Welcome to the new Troop 154 Summer Camp communications page!!
Mr. West and I will use this page to communicate our daily camp activites.  We will also post pictures of the activites as we have them.
Hopefully everyone is ready for camp.  If you have any questions please feel free to email/call me or Mr. West.
See you on Sunday morning at the Firehouse.
Mrs. Kennedy

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