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Friday, August 5, 2011

posted Aug 5, 2011, 8:12 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

It is Friday ... another glorious day in the Adirondacks ...
The Scouts are all doing well, finishing up on their Merit Badges, we have White Water rafting, Patrol Flag Competition and Buckskin Campfire today/tonight.
Yesterday we did the Dutch Oven competition and our site Un-Birthday Party ...
For the Dutch Oven Dessert competition the boys select from a list of ingredients which they want to use and then can select a 'mystery' ingredient.  Well when they picked up the ingredients the mystery was bacon.  They had a lot of fun with their creation.  They did an upside down Apple Cake with peanut butter and bacon bits.  They called it "The Stuffed Pig in Cake". 
 We won SECOND Place ... yeah! chefs ....
On Thursday night we had our 'Un-Birthday' Party to celebrate everyone who had a birthday in 2011 and everyone that is going to have a birthday in 2011.  Using Dutch Ovens the Scouts, with Mr. West's supervision, made two Lemon Supreme cakes for the party.  Tyler and Michael we Team Duct Tape and setup the ballons and decorations.  We had a gift exchange game that everyone seemed to enjoy.  Fun and merriment was had by all.
I have posted too many pictures so the site is full and can not post any more ... sorry ... you have to wait until the Court of Honor ...
Crystal, Tony & Mike 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

posted Aug 4, 2011, 8:10 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

 All the scouts are doing wonderful and making all of their sessions as well as the Troop activities and the Camp events, Whew!
Wednesday afternoon the troop went on the zipline.  Lots of canonballs, tricks and laughing!
In the afernoon the boys wrote home.  You can expect your postcard on Saturday!
There was even time in the afternoon for a campsite pick-up game ....
The boys had a campfire last night and the adults stayed at our corner and let the boys share some jokes, games and fellowship.  It was rewarding to observe the boys enjoying each other's company and having fun!
Today is another full day at summer camp ... see some of you tomorrow for White Water Rafting ....
Crystal, Tony & Mike

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

posted Aug 3, 2011, 8:56 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020   [ updated Jul 30, 2012, 9:46 AM by Steve Monasch ]

Another beautiful day at Camp Buckskin!
Below is Matt G on Lake Waubeeka in his Sailing MB.
                                   They worked on their Patrol Flag during Siesta:
The first year campers attended Low COPE and had an opportunity to work together on a common challenge.  Below are some links to videos that were taken during one of their challenges:        
In the morning news letter "The Buckskin Beat" is challenged the scouts to bring a flower to the manliest girl in camp.  Tyler wanted to find a flower and decided with the scout to make one.  Tyler had just learned in Aruba how to make a paper towel flower.  He made a presentation to Laura, the Aquatics Director, at lunch in the dining hall.  Everyone cheered and she said she thought Tyler's presentation the best.
The Pie Eating contest was a success all the scouts had a lot of fun: 
In the evening the scouts all went over to the Waubeeka caves.  At one point, at the end of the cave, they had to submerge into water to get through the passage.  They all came out of the cave smiling and excited about their accomplishment.  I was so very proud of all of them.  Tony and I cheered each one of them as they exited the cave.
 thanks for sharing your sons, that are an absolute delight!
Crystal, Tony & Mike

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

posted Aug 2, 2011, 7:16 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

Greetings from beautiful Camp Buckskin!!
We had a discussion about the history of scouting at siesta time yesterday.  These scouts are carrying on a long tradition of scouting that their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers were involved in.  We spoke about their role in continuing this tradition.  And to connect them with the recent past they were allow the option to wear an official scouting cap from the 1960's.  They all cheered and were excited about wearing these scout hats.  They decided they wanted their Troop picture in the hat, see below.  A special thank you to Doug Liebig for ensuring we had enough caps for our growing summer camp Troop! (see picture below)
We had lots of fun last night, the majority of the Scouts climbed the Indoor Rock Wall, a few did the Staff Hunt and a couple of Scouts were working on their First Aid/CPR certifications.   Below are a few of the Scouts waiting to make their next climb up the wall.  Jonathan was the climbing 'monkey', he was amazing how he manuevered up the wall so quickly.  There were lot of smiles and whoops of encouragement from the boys on the ground to each climber, nice to see their faces of pride as they reached the top!
In the evening back at our site we had a Troop campfire.  The Scouts entertained us with jokes, skits, songs and silliness.  Jack was in charge of making and maintaining the campfire.  He did a fabulous job, he may be our ringer for the fire building competition later in the week.
Tyler was the master at making everyone campfire popcorn which all the Scouts thought was the best popcorn they ever had (no salt, no butter).
Sean, Liam, Gregory and Jonathan et. al. were the masters of entertainment at the campfire.  It was very fun to watch their excitment and their own joy in performing for us.
Another full day ahead, tonight is Pie Eating and Caving!
All is good, thank you for sharing your sons with us.
Crystal, Tony & Mike 

Monday, August 1, 2011

posted Aug 1, 2011, 11:05 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020   [ updated Aug 1, 2011, 11:32 AM ]

It’s Monday and it is a beautiful day in the Adirondacks.  All the scouts are in their Merit Badge sessions with lots of smiles and enthusiasm.  I am sitting at our site and all the scouts are just arriving back from sessions and getting ready for lunch.

Last night was a busy one; the Scouts worked on filling in all their Merit Badge cards, had a meeting to discuss the duties and responsibilities at our site, and attended the Buckskin opening campfire with lots of jokes, skits, songs and stories from the staff.  A few of the scouts are still singing the songs from last night, very fun! (ask about the ‘short neck buzzards’).

This morning 16 of our 18 Scouts got up before reveille and participated in the Polar Bear swim!  As you will see from the picture below we think Davey got the best swimming buddy!  (Dad is proud)

Matt S, Matt G and Sean are stepping up and doing a great job of leading the Troop.

Tonight is the Staff Hunt (ask your Scout) and our Troop will be climbing the Indoor Rock Wall.

Thank you to all the parents for letting us share in the joy of being with your sons this week.

Crystal, Tony & Mike N.

Pre-Launch Update

posted Jul 28, 2011, 11:29 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

Greetings Campers!
The Summer Camp Leadership team met last week and we have a full and exciting week at camp planned.  You should have been contacted by your Patrol Leader this week for last minute details.  If you have not spoken to them please contact Matt S. for information. We want to make sure everyone has a ride up AND back to camp.
Your Summer Leadership team:
Matt S - Senior Patrol Leader
Sean - Patrol Leader
Matt G - Patrol Leader
Adult Leaders - Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. West, Mr. Nolan
Merit Badge Preperations BEFORE Camp:
Cooking: Pre Requirement is #7 (not #6 as indicated in documentation)
Swimming: Bring to camp a long sleeve, button‐down shirt, long pants(no sweats) and a belt for requirement #4
Shotgun Shooting: Receive 3 free rounds of ammunition. Additional rounds will be sold at the cost of 2 shots for $1.00. Minimum cost to
complete the badge will be $25.00. Scouts are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the requirements.
Camping: Advance preparation requirement #9. A letter from the Scoutmaster confirming 20 nights of camping and the two related activities should be brought to camp.
First Aid: Advance preparation ‐ Completion of knowledge for requirement 1.  Complete requirement 2d (First Aid Kit) and bring to Camp.
Geology: Advance preparation—some options of #5. A detailed study of Earth’s solid surface.
Mammal Study: No advance preparation, although requirements #3 and #4 are helpful to complete before camp.
Weather: No advance preparation , although requirement #8 is recommended to be completed before camp,
- SIGNED BSA Medical Form (Part A, B, C)
- SIGNED Permission Slip for Leaving Camp for Rafting
- wrist watch
- water shoes for rafting
Any questions before you leave please call me on my cell as I will be going up on Friday afternoon.
Looking forward to a wonderful, fun filled week at Summer Camp with Troop 154!
Mrs. Kennedy

Troop Activity Shirts

posted Jul 27, 2011, 2:27 PM by Steve Monasch

Hi campers and parents!

This is a reminder that our Troop Activity Shirts have arrived and are available for pick-up at Mr. Monasch's house.

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