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Friday, August 3, 2012

posted Aug 3, 2012, 8:10 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020   [ updated Aug 12, 2012, 1:54 AM ]

Friday ... really? ... how could that be already? ... this has been a great week up at beautiful Curtis S. Read Reservation ...
Yesterday 14 scouts did the ZipLine in the afternoon ... loads of fun (see pictures)
At siesta each patrol again worked on their Patrol Flags and finished them ... I need to correct that the name of one patrol from 'Cool Beans' to 'Kool Beanz' ... smile .... gotta love these boys!
Everyone is getting along and meeting new friends from the scouts from other Troops ...
Five of our Scouts; Matt Ga., Davey, Matt Go., Sean & Robert, are attending Wilderness Survival Merit Badge and they all were required to spend the night on a local mountain without any comforts.  There were required to make a shelter and make their way with minimal equipment and maximum knowledge.  All arrived back this morning at 6am safe and sound.  With very little sleep but very bubbly and excited to share their tales of their adventure on the top of the mountain.  I think the longest sleep they could remember was 45 minutes!
In the afternoon four scouts (Liam, Greg, Matt Go., Clay) participated in the Dutch Over cooking contest.  They selected from the list of ingredients and were given a mystery ingredient for bonus points.  Well, the mystery ingredient was Frank's Hot Sauce (Mr. Perlman would like this cake!).  Well they made(with some guidance) a carmelized sweet and spicy glaze for the top of the vanilla cake.  Mr. West & Mr. Sutton said they would pay for a slice of that cake at a resturant it was so good.  Found out this morning that they won second place in the competition.
In preparation for the 'Un-Birthday' Party last night, we spent the afternoon baking a red velvet cake and a Pineapple upside-down cake.  Jack & Greg did a very impressive job of decorating the cake (see picture).  A group of scouts blew up ballons, hung crepe paper and arranged the furniture in preparation for the party.  After all the scouts got back from their 'Open Program' session (make ups) we started the party at 8:30pm.  Everyone enjoyed all 3 cakes and Clay did an excellent job as MC and host of the gift game. (see pictures) 
After the party everyone went to our site campfire where Cameron had a blazing fire going and Matt PH made everyone popcorn.  A wonderful evening.
The only thing that was missing was the 5 scouts that were on the mountain overnight.  So, this morning, before breakfast, the 'surivival'  boys got to have cake and Clay reprised his host role and played the gift game with the scouts again this morning.  Before breakfast this morning they all attended the Polar Bear Swim, attended a mini-party with cake and gifts, then cleaned up the campsite from the party left overs. (see pictures)
YES, your scouts will be tired when they get home!
Today are their last Merit Badge sessions and then White Water Rafting this afternoon ....
Crystal, Tony & Rick

Thursday, August 2, 2012

posted Aug 2, 2012, 7:54 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

We had weather .... but today is beautiful again ... yea ...
Last night we had a loud storm but minimal rain.  But due to the thunder all the water activities were cancelled so the Tri-Athelon is scheduled for today but we did the fire building in the light rain.
The Scouts started the day yesterday with the Polar Bear swim at 6:30am.  Oh boy, it was a lot tougher to get boys up for the swim then it was on Monday.  But that ALL made it to the water front for their swim.
All the boys are doing well in their Merit Badges. When they miss their session due to planned Troop activities, they have an opportunity to make it up during the 'open program' time from 7pm - 8pm each evening.
Last night was the Indoor Rock wall and the Fire Building Competition.  All 14 boys that did the rock wall had a great time and want to go again (sorry, not enough time!).  Griffin was excited to be able to belay some of the scouts due to his experience in Climbing Merit Badge.
Six other scouts formed 2 teams to compete in the Fire Building Competition.  Wow, Mr. Perlman would be so proud, our boys did GREAT.  They had 3 mins to build the fire and get it started then they could not touch it for 5 minutes.  The goal is to build a fire, light it with one match and have it burn through a rope suspended above the fire.  Both teams had a good plan, worked as a team and excuted fast and hot fires and broke through the rope in good time.  We won't have the results until tonight or tomorrow.
At Siesta time (the hour after lunch), the scouts all wrote postcards home.  They were mailed yesterday, you might see them by Saturday!  During Siesta they also started working on their Patrol Flags.  One patrol is the 'Cool Beans' Patrol that other is the TTC Patrol ( you will have to ask them).  They will hopefully complete the flags today at Siesta.
We don't have the results of the Silver Bullet yet but Robert did his best at the shoot out.   Eddie represented the Troop in the Robin Hood compeitition (archery).  Results to be announced.
Our Troop earned a 25 out of 25 on our site inspection yesterday.  They were VERY happy. Trying to earn a perfect score again today.
Each morning the Camp Staff challenges the Troops to do a little extra task for inspection.  Today it was to draw a picture of a staffer dressed like a Disney character.  Matt S drew the Program Director (Johannes) as Cinderella (VERY funny) and Eddie drew Ben W (our Ben) as a Queen with a crown.  There is silliness everywhere ....
Another fun fill day today ...
Crystal & Tony & Rick

Wednesday August 1, 2012

posted Aug 1, 2012, 9:11 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

Hump day ... another beautiful day here at Camp Read .... sitting on the porch listening to the hammers of the Handicraft pavilion as the scouts are working on their projects, watching Scouts walk by going from one activity to another and seeing happy Scoutmasters on the porch enjoying a few minutes of quiet ... 
Yesterday we had a Troop Shoot off to determine the best shooter to represent our Troop in the 'Silver Bullet' competition.  Five Scouts competited and the winner with a high score and best shots was Robert (adopted T154 Scout).  We will be cheering him on at the Silver Bullet competition later today. Look for results tomorrow ...
In the afternoon 5 of the 1st year campers participated in Low COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience).  A guide took the scouts through several team building and physically challenging games/exercises. (see pictures)
After dinner all our Scout particpated in Scout Vesper Services.  A non-demoniational service.  Actually 4 or our Scouts participated and did readings during the service.  Liam, Davey, Jonathan, and Sean. (see pictures)
Later in the evening, Ryan K and Dunlin guided our Troop through the Dry and Wet Caves at Wabeekau (down the road from Buckskin, still in Camp Read).  All the Scouts that went enjoyed the experience and most wanted to go again.  It was tight in several spots, but the Scouts prevailed, and surfaced from underground with big smiles.  (see pictures)
The BOSS award is a competition between all the Troops in Camp, it is determined and awarded by the Camp Staff.  As our Scouts would like to earn this award a sure way to stay in the competition is to participate in all the camp activities.  One camp activity that was going on last night, while we were at the Wabeekau Caves was the Pie Eating Contest.  We had a BRAVE and SELFLESS Scout who volunteered for this 'Mission'.  So James stayed behind and ate his way through his secret mission and he did an excellent job.
Yesterday the Scouts earned a 24 out of 25 points in our campsite daily inspection.  Very exciting.  The only thing they got a point off for was corrected today.  Yes, they are cleaning their tents/cot, cleaning the latrines and pickuping up after themselves.
Mr. Sutton is coming up today, and we are looking forward to having his company and support. 
Today is - working on Patrol Flags, writting postcards home, TriAlthelon, Indoor Rock Climbing, Fire building Competition and then the Ice Cream Social for everyone in the evening.  Whew ... yes, another fun filled day at Summer Camp with Troop 154!!
Crystal & Tony

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

posted Jul 31, 2012, 10:21 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020

Wow, how can it get any better than this?  Happy campers, smiling Scouts, a beautiful day and WiFi ...
Yesterday we got our Troop picture taken.  All the Scouts, in a meeting, decided that they wanted to wear the 1960's BSA Garrison caps for the 'official' Troop picture, and at all the evening retreat events.  They look very cool!  Many of the other Troops here have made comments and appreciate the 'retro' look.
In the afternoon, 10 scouts were excused from their sessions and they went outdoor rock climbing.  It was quite challenging and not everyone made it to the top.  They all said they had fun and enjoyed the opportunity.  Robert, Eddie, Gregory, Jonathan, Gomes, Jack, Liam, Davey, James, Matt PH.
As an additional activity for the Scouts, I brought up materials and have taught them how to make their own Survival Braclets using 8 feet of paracord.  They have all taken to it and made their own and have been busy tying their paracord at every opportunity.  (see link to picture)
Last night was the Staff Hunt.  The camp staff 'hides' in the woods around camp, the scouts are tasked to find them.  Each Staff member is assigned points and the scouts that find the staff member recieves points for their Troop.  Regardless of the points, when the Scout locates a Staffer they get to escort them to the Water Front and throw them into the lake, yeahhh!  James caught Ryan K, and several other Scouts found staffers.  Our Troop placed 3rd in the overall score.  YEAH!!
In the evening we had a campfire at our site.  We made campfire popcorn, which tasted great, had skits, songs and fun.  At the end of the campfire we did 'Thorns and Roses and Buds'.  This simple process allows each Scout to voice what they like so far, what they don't like and what they are looking forward to.  Most are looking forward to the Zipline and White Water Rafting.  Griffin is looking forward to seeing the total count of Merit Badges our Troop will earn this summer.  We have a couple of scouts whose 'Thorn' is being a little homesick.  The most popular Rose was being at camp and enjoying friends. (see link to pictures)
Yesterday, the Troop scored 23 out of 25 in their dailying campsite inspection.  A few items they forgot to do and they are hoping for a better score today.  Yes, parents, they clean their tents, hang up their shirts, pick up trash, and YES, clean the latrines before going to breakfast in the morning.  So nice to see the cooperation and motivation.
This morning they all loved being able to sleep in until 7am.  Tomorrow is the Polar Bear swim again and they have to get up at 6:15am.
Later today, some of the scouts will participate in the Low COPE and then we got to the Wabeekau Caves tonight.  Ryan K will be our Cave Guide and Dunlin will be assisting.  The Scouts are looking forward to the rest of the day.
Crystal & Tony

Monday July 30, 2012

posted Jul 30, 2012, 8:02 AM by WPC-GNYC WoodBadge2020   [ updated Jul 30, 2012, 12:54 PM ]

Greetings from Camp,
It is a beautiful summer day here in the Andirondacks!  Last night, after the check-in and camp tour, the Scouts did their swim test.  After dinner everyone worked on filling out their Merit Badge cards then it was off to the Buckskin Campfire where the Camp Staff performed skits and songs for the scouts.  Speaking of Camp Staff - we have Ryan K, Alex W, Ben W and Dunlin S all up here with us and the scouts have been excited to see them.  Several of the Scouts are taking Merit Badge session with Ryan K and Ben W this morning.
EVERY scout decided last night they wanted to do the Polar Bear swim this morning.  So, every scout was woken up at 6:15am and with bathing suits on and towels in had walked down to the Waterfront and jumped in the lake.  Many of them kept swimming, some just dipped and got out.  There was a chill to the morning air.
 ... Crystal, Tony & Dean

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