Garrett's Eagle Project

The Avery Cemetery


Ward Pound Ridge Reservation is the largest park in Westchester County. The reservation is 4,315 acres and has a rich local history. The park was opened in 1938. Over thirty farms were acquired for the park, and old stone walls, which once marked the boundaries between the various farms and crisscross the reservation. In the 1930’s the park was the home of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).


In the reservation there are several cemeteries that are in need of restoration and documentation. My Eagle project will document and create a permanent record of all who are buried in this cemetery. I will do this by creating a detailed map of the headstones, compiling the known history, building an information stand for visitors and work with the Friends of the Trailside Museum to allow the gathered information to be posted on their website for access to all who are doing family and local history research.


My project objective is to use my leadership skill as a Scout to plan, organize and coordinate an effort to help preserve, and promote local history by doing what is possible to make a local cemetery in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation an informative, interesting as well as more accessible place to visit for a wide range of people.


    • A more readable map of the cemetery

    • An updated record of names on the headstones

    • A cemetery map that can be given for use by visitors

    • An information station at the entrance of the cemetery which included:

      • Map and locator for the headstones in the cemetery

      • Interesting facts about the deceased