John's Eagle Project

Henry Morgenthau Preserve 2009


    • The bog bridges that were passing through the wetlands at the Henry Morgenthau Preserve were old, dilapidated, rotting, and wobbly. Also, they did not cover the entirety of the wetland area.

    • The entry kiosk was also in desperate need of restoration, as the roof was covered with mold and moss, and the bare wood walls of the kiosk were dirty. Also, the cedar-wood retainer which formed a step into the kiosk and retained the dirt floor had re-bar on the outside of the retainer, causing a tripping hazard and allowing the retainer to move.

    • The borders for the trail at the entrance of the Preserve were old and had rotted down to extremely thin strips.


    • Two bog bridges were taken out and replaced with new, wider, and longer bog bridges.These new bog bridges provided complete coverage of the wetlands, preventing anyone from slipping or falling while protecting the wetlands from being trampled on by hikers thus protecting the natural growth and wildlife there.

    • As part of my Eagle Project, the entry kiosk was power washed and stained improving the appearance and longevity of the kiosk. Since there was no water source at the Preserve, I designed, made, and tested a water source device to bring to the Preserve to power wash the kiosk. The old kiosk retainer step was replaced with a new retainer and the re-bar was installed into the retainer itself making it more secure and the re-bar was now "invisible" to the public eliminating the hazard of tripping on the re-bar thus making it safer. Woodchips were also spread over the kiosk's dirt floor to prevent muddy, slippery conditions.

    • These borders were replaced with new, thicker cedar wood borders to improve the appearance of the trail making it more welcoming to hikers entering the Preserve.