Ryan's Eagle Project

The Adult Nutrition and Activity Center

Tell how your project will be helpful to the beneficiary. Why is it needed?

At the Center the Senior Meals on Wheels are prepared. The Nutrition Director wants to incorporate the fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden as a way to contribute to seasonal fresh vegetables to the nutrition program.

As the center also has a children's programs. The Center Director envisions having the Seniors working with the young children in the garden as a program feature opportunity.

Project Description and Benefit

My plan is to build a vegetable and herb garden for the Somer's Adult Transportation, Nutrition and Activity Center, which is located at the Van Tassell House in Somers, NY. The garden will supplement the senior nutrition program and provide an activity for the seniors as well as the Children's center which is located on the site.

The plan is for the garden to be 12' x 18'. To accommodate the seniors raised beds will be built so they don't have to bend down to care for the plants. The garden design will also be accessible the handicapped in wheel chairs.

The garden will be surrounded by a fence with a lock to prevent animals and people from getting to the plants. A weed blocking layer will be added to help make this garden require a lot less maintenance for the grounds keepers.