Friday, August 6, 2010

Post date: Aug 06, 2010 2:52:21 PM

Greetings from the BEAUTIFUL Andirondacks Mountains. Today is one of the memorable summer days where it is mild, breezy, blue sky with white clouds.

Well it is hard to believe the week is almost over. It has been quite a week with lots of fun, experiences, joy and lots of learnings.

Yesterday our Troop did the Zipline. What fun. Some of our scouts could sign up for the circus as trapeeze artists! With a small group every scout had the opportunity to use the Zipline as many times as time would permit. Fun was had by all.

Last night at retreat was the Theme night. We were the only Troop in full costume, they looked GREAT. Thanks go to Sean for his creativity in guiding the Troop this event with the costumes.

In the Read Relay, AJ, Griffin, Sean and Matt G did a valient effort but alas we did not place. But they looked good!

We missed Dunlin and Matt S last night as they spent the night on Mtn. #8 for their Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. Their counselor was Garrett so the experience was especially good for them as they were comfortable with his leadership. They arrived at day break back to our campsite with smiles on thier faces and lots of tales of bugs, sounds and lack of sleep in their shelters. What a great expierence for them. They earned their 'survival' neckerchef covers and are wearing them proudly.

Back at our Campsite we have a Troop campfire where the scout roasted LARGE marshmellows and shared stories of their week.

Today we go White Water rafting .....

Mrs. Kennedy & Mr. West