Tuesday Aug 3, 2010

Post date: Aug 03, 2010 12:56:40 PM

A GREAT first full day of camp was had by ALL ...

We had a bit of rain yesterday afternoon but it did not last long and everything went on as usual. The scouts are doing wonderfully, they attended their first day of Merit Badge sessions and everyone enjoyed their counselors and classes. We had a Troop picture taken after lunch and all the Scouts decided they wanted to have it done in their full uniform rather than their Activity shirts. Yes they are still wearing their Activity shirts daily as you will see in the upcoming pics.

Last night was the famous Staff Hunt. The staff members all hide in the woods and the scouts try to find them. Once they find a staff member they get to tag them and escort them to the Waterfront and "push" them into the water. I gave our scouts a 'hint' were Garrett would be 'hiding' and they found him (Garrett told me where he would be). So AJ and Griffin got to throw Garrett into the water last night. Below is a pic of them escorting Garrett to the Waterfront and pushing him in.

Later in the evening we had a campfire at our site. They did skits and commercials, led by our one and only Sean. He is quite the showman (love that boy). It was fun because at one point the entire Troop was in the skit and Mr. West and I were the only audience! Dunlin and Matt S created and managed a wonderful campfire for us to enjoy. With AJ's expert arm motion we made campfire popcorn that they all thought was the best popcorn they had ever tasted! (plain, no butter or salt)

This morning was the first Polar Bear swim, Mr. West and I had to finally call them off the swimming dock as they did not want to leave. Below is their 'manly' pose after their swim, brave Scouts!!

We have another full day today. Matt S, Sean and AJ recieved their packages from home and enjoyed and shared their gifts.

Mrs. Kennedy & Mr. West