Wednesday Aug 4, 2010

Post date: Aug 04, 2010 3:29:45 PM

Another BEAUTIFUL day a Scout camp .....

Yesterday was packed with activities, fun and fresh air.

At Siesta time (after lunch 1 - 2pm), and last night at the campsite, the scouts worked on their Patrol Flag for the competition on Friday. They are busy working on two flags with very intricate designs. Dunlin, Matt S and Sean seem to be the top graphic designers with the other contributing ideas and their efforts.

During the afternoon yesterday most of the scouts went to Low COPE. COPE is Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, which provides a an opportunity for a group to solve as a team the presented challenge. The first challenge they had was to get a tire off a 10 foot pole, they quickly figured out that if they used long sticks they could work together and get the tire off. The real challenge was when the leader told them to get the tire back on and they could not throw the tire or use any sticks. Very fun to watch they struggle and work together, the eventually got it accomplished. The second challenge was to build a plank brige across stumps and get everyone across without fallinging and then back again with ANY talking. Mr. West and I enjoyed that part watching them learn to communicate silently!

On Tuesday evening after dinner is the Scout Vesper service. A few scouts attending the service where we enjoyed a review of the meaning of each point of the scout law and it's application in our daily life. Yes, Mom ... Matt S, Dunlin and AJ did attend the service!

Last night was the Pie Eating competition and the Order of the Arrow (OA) Ice Cream social. While our scouts were a competitive group they did not place in the ranking. But all participants eagerly ate their pie. There was some shenanigans afterwards with Sean putting pies in the face of a few, all a cooperative activity. Very fun to see them laughing and enjoying the event.

Back to the campsite for the Dutch Oven Competition .... Silver Bullet Competition ... Triathalon race ... Fire Building Competition ... oh, and Merit Badge classes ...

All is good and going well ....

Mrs. Kennedy & Mr. West