Pre-Launch Update

Post date: Jul 28, 2011 6:29:20 PM

Greetings Campers!

The Summer Camp Leadership team met last week and we have a full and exciting week at camp planned. You should have been contacted by your Patrol Leader this week for last minute details. If you have not spoken to them please contact Matt S. for information. We want to make sure everyone has a ride up AND back to camp.

Your Summer Leadership team:

Matt S - Senior Patrol Leader

Sean - Patrol Leader

Matt G - Patrol Leader

Adult Leaders - Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. West, Mr. Nolan

Merit Badge Preperations BEFORE Camp:

Cooking: Pre Requirement is #7 (not #6 as indicated in documentation)

Swimming: Bring to camp a long sleeve, button‐down shirt, long pants(no sweats) and a belt for requirement #4

Shotgun Shooting: Receive 3 free rounds of ammunition. Additional rounds will be sold at the cost of 2 shots for $1.00. Minimum cost to

complete the badge will be $25.00. Scouts are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the requirements.

Camping: Advance preparation ‐ requirement #9. A letter from the Scoutmaster confirming 20 nights of camping and the two related activities should be brought to camp.

First Aid: Advance preparation ‐ Completion of knowledge for requirement 1. Complete requirement 2d (First Aid Kit) and bring to Camp.

Geology: Advance preparation—some options of #5. A detailed study of Earth’s solid surface.

Mammal Study: No advance preparation, although requirements #3 and #4 are helpful to complete before camp.

Weather: No advance preparation , although requirement #8 is recommended to be completed before camp,


- SIGNED BSA Medical Form (Part A, B, C)

- SIGNED Permission Slip for Leaving Camp for Rafting

- wrist watch

- water shoes for rafting

Any questions before you leave please call me on my cell as I will be going up on Friday afternoon.

Looking forward to a wonderful, fun filled week at Summer Camp with Troop 154!

Mrs. Kennedy