Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Post date: Aug 02, 2011 2:16:8 PM

Greetings from beautiful Camp Buckskin!!

We had a discussion about the history of scouting at siesta time yesterday. These scouts are carrying on a long tradition of scouting that their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers were involved in. We spoke about their role in continuing this tradition. And to connect them with the recent past they were allow the option to wear an official scouting cap from the 1960's. They all cheered and were excited about wearing these scout hats. They decided they wanted their Troop picture in the hat, see below. A special thank you to Doug Liebig for ensuring we had enough caps for our growing summer camp Troop! (see picture below)

We had lots of fun last night, the majority of the Scouts climbed the Indoor Rock Wall, a few did the Staff Hunt and a couple of Scouts were working on their First Aid/CPR certifications. Below are a few of the Scouts waiting to make their next climb up the wall. Jonathan was the climbing 'monkey', he was amazing how he manuevered up the wall so quickly. There were lot of smiles and whoops of encouragement from the boys on the ground to each climber, nice to see their faces of pride as they reached the top!

In the evening back at our site we had a Troop campfire. The Scouts entertained us with jokes, skits, songs and silliness. Jack was in charge of making and maintaining the campfire. He did a fabulous job, he may be our ringer for the fire building competition later in the week.

Tyler was the master at making everyone campfire popcorn which all the Scouts thought was the best popcorn they ever had (no salt, no butter).

Sean, Liam, Gregory and Jonathan et. al. were the masters of entertainment at the campfire. It was very fun to watch their excitment and their own joy in performing for us.

Another full day ahead, tonight is Pie Eating and Caving!

All is good, thank you for sharing your sons with us.

Crystal, Tony & Mike