Friday, August 3, 2012

Post date: Aug 03, 2012 3:10:58 PM

Friday ... really? ... how could that be already? ... this has been a great week up at beautiful Curtis S. Read Reservation ...

Yesterday 14 scouts did the ZipLine in the afternoon ... loads of fun (see pictures)

At siesta each patrol again worked on their Patrol Flags and finished them ... I need to correct that the name of one patrol from 'Cool Beans' to 'Kool Beanz' ... smile .... gotta love these boys!

Everyone is getting along and meeting new friends from the scouts from other Troops ...

Five of our Scouts; Matt Ga., Davey, Matt Go., Sean & Robert, are attending Wilderness Survival Merit Badge and they all were required to spend the night on a local mountain without any comforts. There were required to make a shelter and make their way with minimal equipment and maximum knowledge. All arrived back this morning at 6am safe and sound. With very little sleep but very bubbly and excited to share their tales of their adventure on the top of the mountain. I think the longest sleep they could remember was 45 minutes!

In the afternoon four scouts (Liam, Greg, Matt Go., Clay) participated in the Dutch Over cooking contest. They selected from the list of ingredients and were given a mystery ingredient for bonus points. Well, the mystery ingredient was Frank's Hot Sauce (Mr. Perlman would like this cake!). Well they made(with some guidance) a carmelized sweet and spicy glaze for the top of the vanilla cake. Mr. West & Mr. Sutton said they would pay for a slice of that cake at a resturant it was so good. Found out this morning that they won second place in the competition.

In preparation for the 'Un-Birthday' Party last night, we spent the afternoon baking a red velvet cake and a Pineapple upside-down cake. Jack & Greg did a very impressive job of decorating the cake (see picture). A group of scouts blew up ballons, hung crepe paper and arranged the furniture in preparation for the party. After all the scouts got back from their 'Open Program' session (make ups) we started the party at 8:30pm. Everyone enjoyed all 3 cakes and Clay did an excellent job as MC and host of the gift game. (see pictures)

After the party everyone went to our site campfire where Cameron had a blazing fire going and Matt PH made everyone popcorn. A wonderful evening.

The only thing that was missing was the 5 scouts that were on the mountain overnight. So, this morning, before breakfast, the 'surivival' boys got to have cake and Clay reprised his host role and played the gift game with the scouts again this morning. Before breakfast this morning they all attended the Polar Bear Swim, attended a mini-party with cake and gifts, then cleaned up the campsite from the party left overs. (see pictures)

YES, your scouts will be tired when they get home!

Today are their last Merit Badge sessions and then White Water Rafting this afternoon ....

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Crystal, Tony & Rick