Monday July 30, 2012

Post date: Jul 30, 2012 3:2:4 PM

Greetings from Camp,

It is a beautiful summer day here in the Andirondacks! Last night, after the check-in and camp tour, the Scouts did their swim test. After dinner everyone worked on filling out their Merit Badge cards then it was off to the Buckskin Campfire where the Camp Staff performed skits and songs for the scouts. Speaking of Camp Staff - we have Ryan K, Alex W, Ben W and Dunlin S all up here with us and the scouts have been excited to see them. Several of the Scouts are taking Merit Badge session with Ryan K and Ben W this morning.

EVERY scout decided last night they wanted to do the Polar Bear swim this morning. So, every scout was woken up at 6:15am and with bathing suits on and towels in had walked down to the Waterfront and jumped in the lake. Many of them kept swimming, some just dipped and got out. There was a chill to the morning air.

... Crystal, Tony & Dean