Thursday, August 2, 2012

Post date: Aug 02, 2012 2:54:6 PM

We had weather .... but today is beautiful again ... yea ...

Last night we had a loud storm but minimal rain. But due to the thunder all the water activities were cancelled so the Tri-Athelon is scheduled for today but we did the fire building in the light rain.

The Scouts started the day yesterday with the Polar Bear swim at 6:30am. Oh boy, it was a lot tougher to get boys up for the swim then it was on Monday. But that ALL made it to the water front for their swim.

All the boys are doing well in their Merit Badges. When they miss their session due to planned Troop activities, they have an opportunity to make it up during the 'open program' time from 7pm - 8pm each evening.

Last night was the Indoor Rock wall and the Fire Building Competition. All 14 boys that did the rock wall had a great time and want to go again (sorry, not enough time!). Griffin was excited to be able to belay some of the scouts due to his experience in Climbing Merit Badge.

Six other scouts formed 2 teams to compete in the Fire Building Competition. Wow, Mr. Perlman would be so proud, our boys did GREAT. They had 3 mins to build the fire and get it started then they could not touch it for 5 minutes. The goal is to build a fire, light it with one match and have it burn through a rope suspended above the fire. Both teams had a good plan, worked as a team and excuted fast and hot fires and broke through the rope in good time. We won't have the results until tonight or tomorrow.

At Siesta time (the hour after lunch), the scouts all wrote postcards home. They were mailed yesterday, you might see them by Saturday! During Siesta they also started working on their Patrol Flags. One patrol is the 'Cool Beans' Patrol that other is the TTC Patrol ( you will have to ask them). They will hopefully complete the flags today at Siesta.

We don't have the results of the Silver Bullet yet but Robert did his best at the shoot out. Eddie represented the Troop in the Robin Hood compeitition (archery). Results to be announced.

Our Troop earned a 25 out of 25 on our site inspection yesterday. They were VERY happy. Trying to earn a perfect score again today.

Each morning the Camp Staff challenges the Troops to do a little extra task for inspection. Today it was to draw a picture of a staffer dressed like a Disney character. Matt S drew the Program Director (Johannes) as Cinderella (VERY funny) and Eddie drew Ben W (our Ben) as a Queen with a crown. There is silliness everywhere ....

Another fun fill day today ...

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