Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post date: Jul 31, 2012 5:21:37 PM

Wow, how can it get any better than this? Happy campers, smiling Scouts, a beautiful day and WiFi ...

Yesterday we got our Troop picture taken. All the Scouts, in a meeting, decided that they wanted to wear the 1960's BSA Garrison caps for the 'official' Troop picture, and at all the evening retreat events. They look very cool! Many of the other Troops here have made comments and appreciate the 'retro' look.

In the afternoon, 10 scouts were excused from their sessions and they went outdoor rock climbing. It was quite challenging and not everyone made it to the top. They all said they had fun and enjoyed the opportunity. Robert, Eddie, Gregory, Jonathan, Gomes, Jack, Liam, Davey, James, Matt PH.

As an additional activity for the Scouts, I brought up materials and have taught them how to make their own Survival Braclets using 8 feet of paracord. They have all taken to it and made their own and have been busy tying their paracord at every opportunity. (see link to picture)

Last night was the Staff Hunt. The camp staff 'hides' in the woods around camp, the scouts are tasked to find them. Each Staff member is assigned points and the scouts that find the staff member recieves points for their Troop. Regardless of the points, when the Scout locates a Staffer they get to escort them to the Water Front and throw them into the lake, yeahhh! James caught Ryan K, and several other Scouts found staffers. Our Troop placed 3rd in the overall score. YEAH!!

In the evening we had a campfire at our site. We made campfire popcorn, which tasted great, had skits, songs and fun. At the end of the campfire we did 'Thorns and Roses and Buds'. This simple process allows each Scout to voice what they like so far, what they don't like and what they are looking forward to. Most are looking forward to the Zipline and White Water Rafting. Griffin is looking forward to seeing the total count of Merit Badges our Troop will earn this summer. We have a couple of scouts whose 'Thorn' is being a little homesick. The most popular Rose was being at camp and enjoying friends. (see link to pictures)

Yesterday, the Troop scored 23 out of 25 in their dailying campsite inspection. A few items they forgot to do and they are hoping for a better score today. Yes, parents, they clean their tents, hang up their shirts, pick up trash, and YES, clean the latrines before going to breakfast in the morning. So nice to see the cooperation and motivation.

This morning they all loved being able to sleep in until 7am. Tomorrow is the Polar Bear swim again and they have to get up at 6:15am.

Later today, some of the scouts will participate in the Low COPE and then we got to the Wabeekau Caves tonight. Ryan K will be our Cave Guide and Dunlin will be assisting. The Scouts are looking forward to the rest of the day.

Link to Pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/ckenned10526/July312012#

Crystal & Tony