Wednesday August 1, 2012

Post date: Aug 01, 2012 4:11:6 PM

Hump day ... another beautiful day here at Camp Read .... sitting on the porch listening to the hammers of the Handicraft pavilion as the scouts are working on their projects, watching Scouts walk by going from one activity to another and seeing happy Scoutmasters on the porch enjoying a few minutes of quiet ...

Yesterday we had a Troop Shoot off to determine the best shooter to represent our Troop in the 'Silver Bullet' competition. Five Scouts competited and the winner with a high score and best shots was Robert (adopted T154 Scout). We will be cheering him on at the Silver Bullet competition later today. Look for results tomorrow ...

In the afternoon 5 of the 1st year campers participated in Low COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience). A guide took the scouts through several team building and physically challenging games/exercises. (see pictures)

After dinner all our Scout particpated in Scout Vesper Services. A non-demoniational service. Actually 4 or our Scouts participated and did readings during the service. Liam, Davey, Jonathan, and Sean. (see pictures)

Later in the evening, Ryan K and Dunlin guided our Troop through the Dry and Wet Caves at Wabeekau (down the road from Buckskin, still in Camp Read). All the Scouts that went enjoyed the experience and most wanted to go again. It was tight in several spots, but the Scouts prevailed, and surfaced from underground with big smiles. (see pictures)

The BOSS award is a competition between all the Troops in Camp, it is determined and awarded by the Camp Staff. As our Scouts would like to earn this award a sure way to stay in the competition is to participate in all the camp activities. One camp activity that was going on last night, while we were at the Wabeekau Caves was the Pie Eating Contest. We had a BRAVE and SELFLESS Scout who volunteered for this 'Mission'. So James stayed behind and ate his way through his secret mission and he did an excellent job.

Yesterday the Scouts earned a 24 out of 25 points in our campsite daily inspection. Very exciting. The only thing they got a point off for was corrected today. Yes, they are cleaning their tents/cot, cleaning the latrines and pickuping up after themselves.

Mr. Sutton is coming up today, and we are looking forward to having his company and support.

Today is - working on Patrol Flags, writting postcards home, TriAlthelon, Indoor Rock Climbing, Fire building Competition and then the Ice Cream Social for everyone in the evening. Whew ... yes, another fun filled day at Summer Camp with Troop 154!!

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