Camp Read, Day 2

Post date: Aug 04, 2015 3:54:23 PM

Hello Again from Camp Read!

Well it's now Tuesday morning and things have been going smoothly so far. We had some thunder and a threat of the skies opening up yesterday afternoon, but we only got a sprinkle. Luckily, I had my trusty umbrella handy. Yes, you may laugh and poke fun of my umbrella advocacy, but rest assured, I will have the last laugh.

The boys have now completed the first, and traditionally, the most trying day. Why trying you may ask? Well, mostly because they have to figure out how to navigate between their merit badge classes, and secondly, the content of the classes is somewhat introductory and not as much hands-on. As I sit in the Trading Post pavilion now, I hear gun shots from the rifle range which means that classes are finally under way.

The meal dynamic is a little different this year in that, with six scouts and two adults, we only have one table reserved for us. This means that Gemma and I get to witness the spectacle of 6 teens and tweens chowing down, first hand. Believe me, this is a sight to behold. No sooner do Freddy and James grab their grub from the assembly line, their trays are empty, the food having disappeared within seconds. Also, they've introduced us adults to the Broken Telephone game, which, given the loud din of the mess hall, has provided much amusement.

Last night was the Staff Hunt, where the boys go on a wild goose chase for their favorite staff members. The staff are either quietly hiding in strategic positions, or just grouped together behind the mess hall having a snack. Either way, they are a challenge to find. Fun was had by all, and the buddy system was in place. Although we did not place in the top 3, it was a moral victory for Troop 154 as we learned today that Troop 1 Crestwood did not win either!

Finally, the Monday night tradition is to have a quiet campfire in Teheco. The boys had some trouble getting the fire going, and I'm sure they will blame the damp sticks from the earlier sprinkle. Finally, after some minor intervention by yours truly, a warm and controlled fire was providing the site with a glowing ambiance. Conversation revolved around the merit badge classes and the many different types of martial arts, which seemed to engage all the boys for a long time.

Today we are planning on a horseback ride, the pie-eating contest, and other fun things. Pics and more in a bit!