Camp Read, Day 3

Post date: Aug 05, 2015 2:12:6 PM

Hello Parents and interested parties--

Well it's now Wednesday, and the boys at Camp Read are working together as a well-oiled machine. Well, a machine that's a bit rusty and needs a some lubrication, but a machine nonetheless!

The weather continues to be clear, but I'll say no more as to not jinx anything.

So, let's see, where did I leave off? Yesterday morning the boys continued on their merit badge progress. We regrouped for lunch minus Ashton who cooked his own hamburger under the direction of Ben W at ScoutCraft. Speaking of Ben, yesterday was his birthday! Happy Birthday, Ben! Per tradition, Ben was honored with the Order of the Oar at dinner last night. What is the order of the Oar? Ssshhh...A secret society that I am under strict orders not to talk about.

Under Gemma's direction, the boys wrote postcards home at Siesta (which is right after lunch). You might even receive them before the boys arrive home, but it's not likely. We tried to edit out any complaints, whines, and criticisms, but a few may sneak through (JK!)

There were two highlights of our day yesterday. The first was the horseback trail ride, scheduled for 4 o'clock. We drove down to the Horse Barn and got saddled up with the help of the counselors there. I was on the only mare, "Sheba", but the four boys who participated had colts. Zach rode "Doc", another on Hercules, I can't remember the other names, but they seemed to fit each boy's personality.

The ride took us through some scenic woods and fields of the Adirondacks; cameras were not allowed on the trail, but trust me, it was idyllic. Some of the horses were a bit hungry, so it took some prompting by the riders to keep them focused on the ride and not the grass and leaves along the way. When we arrived back to the corral, we had an extra bonus in that we got to help feed the horses their dinner (buckets of oats). Ashton's horse took a particular shine to the boys as they petted him; you can ask him about that later. All in all, a relaxing and fun experience.

Highlight number Two was the Pie-Eating Contest. Zach was Troop 154's lone representative so he was under a lot of pressure to curb his appetite throughout the day. As 7:30 approached, the tense nerves of the group were apparent as Zach pumped himself up by singing "Eye of the Tiger." With 53 participants, the competition was tough. Finally, the GO signal was given and Zach planted his face in a chocolate cream pie and started gorging. He seemed to be poised for victory about halfway in, but we soon realized that eating the crust once all the chocolate pudding is gone is a technique reserved for the experienced scouts who have been doing this for years. Apparently you have to flip the pie tin over with your tongue and remove the tin from the pile of slop on the table. That way, you have easy access to the crust and your chances are good. Zach, unfortunately, did not know about this technique. So he ended with a very clean pie crust! Well, a great effort Zach!

Okay, time for some pictures...I lied before about the technical difficulties. It was really a time management I seem to have a little (time that is)...

Okay, signing off for now-- until tomorrow

Rick S

Gemma S