Camp Read, Day 4

Post date: Aug 06, 2015 3:44:43 PM

Hello Again

Another day has passed, and the boys are doing great. They seem to be on track with their merit badge goals, and are having a lot of fun in the process.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we had our second Polar Bear Swim at the crack of dawn. Once again, Gemma did not join us at the waterfront, but everyone else took a dunk at least. The older boys seem satisfied with just jumping in and getting out (been there, done that?) whereas us youngsters (well, young at heart anyway) prefer to savor the cool morning water of the lake and go for a more substantial swim.

We had quite a time during our "Siesta" yesterday. Some of the boys were (fortunately for them) engaged with other priorities, but James, Zach, Tristan, and the adults were tasked with cleaning the latrine behind the the mess hall. Here at Camp Read, everyone chips in, and this was our assignment for the week. Needless to say, I did not take pictures. But the boys approached the task with a positive attitude and we got the job done.

Here at Camp Read, having skills in time management is paramount, both for adults and kids. You have to be on your toes in terms of being prepared for whatever happens next. The first couple of days are particularly difficult. Let me give you an example. As we arrived at Read on Sunday, I realized that I did not have the permission slip from Zach's parents for him to leave camp. Those taking the Forestry merit badge leave on a short trip on Thursday (today) to visit a managed forest. Well, simple, right? First we had to get confirmation that Zach was allowed outside of camp from his father. This was done with a simple text. Then, I just tell the Forestry merit badge director that I have permission via e-mail. Well, I tried that, but he needed more proof. So I mosied to the camp office with my computer to print the pdf. Another simple task, of course. Or not. First, I had to log into the system; no one was around to help me. Finally I got in, got the pdf up, and hit "Print". Then I waited, and waited. Guess what? Printer problems. After some frustration, I was never able to print it, so I had to call in the Econ director to sign off on the visual confirmation. The moral of the story? This whole problem could have been avoided with 15 seconds of forethought. It also happens to be the Boy Scout motto. BE PREPARED. BE VERY PREPARED. BE VERY VERY PREPARED.

Last night was the Camp Buckskin Triathlon, or Quadathlon. Four events, four scouts, four opportunities to stick it to Troop 1 Crestwood. Did I mention that Troop 1 Crestwood has, like, 35 kids, and was able to field 7 teams? With six kids, we could only cobble together one motley crew. With James swimming, Jonny climbing, Freddy arching, and Ashton running, we thought we still had a chance against Crestwood's "A" Team. Well, to make a long story short, we came up short once again, not placing in the Top three groups. But another moral victory was had, as Stony Point dethroned Crestwood as the new team to beat! Go Stony Point!

Some years ago Freddy found a board game called "Camp" which he bought and we played once or twice as a family. (Think Trivial Pursuit with all camp-related questions.) Here at Read, the game has been an invaluable source of amusement for the boys at night when they are winding down. The laughter from the boys' sector is well worth any hardships that we have to endure!

Looking forward to tomorrow!