Camp Read Day 2

Post date: Aug 05, 2014 3:27:21 PM

Good Morning from Camp Read!

Well, last night's weather was much better than Sunday night. Clear, and cool at night, what one might call "good sleeping weather." As of Tuesday morning, we're looking at a nice summer day, (but things can change quickly up here!)

After last night's Staff Hunt, Jack built a campfire (a work of art, thx Jack!) and we had a much needed period of relaxation. Truthfully, the boys weren't too relaxed, though, as they were trying to figure how they can fulfill all their merit badge requirements. To that end, we are scaling back an activity here and there, so the boys decided to hold off on the rock climbing event originally scheduled for this afternoon.

Right now the boys are all in Merit Badge sessions, and today promises to be more engaging for the boys as they move into the "meat" of their classes, where there are more hands-on activities and fewer lectures on safety. To quote Freddy, who wants to listen to a merit badge counselor "flapping their gums" for an hour? :-)

The routine of getting boys to and from Waubeeka is getting ironed out, too. So all in all, we are moving into the "well-oiled machine" phase of the week.

More pictures are below. While Karen takes pics of the boys, I concentrate on the frogs! Different forms of local wildlife, I guess!

Rick and Karen