Camp Read Day 5

Post date: Aug 08, 2014 2:32:47 PM

Hello once again from Camp Read!

It's Friday morning, the sun is shining, and the boys are hard at work throughout the camp. Yesterday we had a "mixed bag" in terms of weather, with thunder, lightning, and intense sunshine, sometimes all at the same time! While the Dutch have a word for this, I think we need a word in English for the phenomenon where it feels like it's raining, it sounds like it's raining, and it smells like it's raining, but it's not raining. It's just the endless drips of water from the "canopy" which seems to go on all day. (Maybe I'll pose this as a contest for the boys.) Because of this "canodrip" (my best effort so far), the site is in a perpetual state of dampness. But trust me, the boys are high and dry and happy.

I'm pretty sure they all showered at least twice this week, which I think doubles their previous record! Unfortunately (for you parents) the showers were weighted toward the earlier part of the week. So when they arrive home tomorrow, they may be a little "ripe". I suggest that you give them their welcome home hug after they get cleaned up!

Before I forget, this may again be a "partial" blog entry. I have another busy day, with checking out and rafting on the agenda.

Last night was our annual Un-Birthday party. The boys have been looking forward to it all week. Because they were all booked up until late in the evening, Brian, Jack, and I made a pineapple upside-down cake in a Dutch oven. We followed a recipe that Karen had put together which she assured us was idiot-proof. Boy, did we prove her wrong! The concoction that resulted was neither solid nor liquid, but still, it was enjoyed by all. And "by all" I mean some wilderness critters as well! This morning we woke to find our garbage can upturned and the remnants of the cake distributed throughout the campsite. Either the raccoons were wearing slippers or the boys were dog-tired, because nobody heard anything, adults included!

Eager anticipation...

Fork, spoon, or ladle? You decide!..

Happy UnBirthday to you!

BTW, we had newly minted Eagle Scout Ben W join us for the UnBirthday, and he brought his usual good cheer. Congrats Ben! Yet another role model for the kids...

The post-party campfire provided some much needed warmth...

Stories, jokes, and riddles were shared by all...

Watch that foot, Jack!

The boys seemed to enjoy their gifts, but as we all know, it's not about the gifts.

With swapping, trading, and sniping, each boy ended up with a gift that he likes. I should have written down my prediction for who would end up with what, because I think I would have been spot on. Unfortunately (sorry Rich) the very useful folding camp utensil kit went unclaimed!

Gotta go--signing off from Brant Lake, NY