Happy Monday!

Hello Friends & Family! We are safely situated in Camp Buckskin within Camp Read within Brant Lake within the glorious Adirondacks!

Yesterday was Arrival Day, and, as usual, it was eventful but went smoothly. Arriving here around 1, we were greeted by our camp guide, none other than Jonny Sutton! What luck! Jonny helped us get settled in and was our escort for the Camp Tour, among other duties. He kept us on track throughout the day, kudos to Jonny!

Many of us took the swim test, but others are still waiting to see if they can avoid it (i.e. Jambers, WeekOners). Why do something unwanted twice if you can only do it once? Well, that’s the philosophy anyway, we’re still waiting to see if it pays off.

After a solid dinner of chicken cordon Buckskin and mashed potatoes, we proceeded up the hill for the opening campfire. As usual, a good time was had by all, with skits, songs, and camaraderie.

This is a repeat after me song! This is a repeat after me song!

The climax of the campfire program is when we do the Buckskin chant, by spelling “B-U-C-K-S-K-I-N” three times, then yelling “Buckskin” three times across the lake. Another Camp across the lake yells the same right back at us, (or so it would seem). In reality, it is the echo of the Adirondacks, beckoning to us to return again and again.

The late night got even later, as the boys filled out Blue Cards in preparation for today’s merit badge sessions. Note to the future: I think we used to do this BEFORE the campfire. Not sure what happened yesterday.

Now it’s Monday, and we awoke early, thanks to Ashton’s leadership and most of us jumped in the lake for the Polar Bear Swim. Those that did it are halfway to a wonderful Polar Bear patch, adults included. I’m still hopeful that we can get 100%, but we’ll see. Ian has a toe injury (not from Camp Read ? ) which prevented him from participating, but he wasn’t alone.

There were some interesting sounds last night, I could have sworn I heard the owl call my name. Wait, name’s not “Hoot”, though, so he must have been calling another owl.

We’ve had breakfast of course (French Toast, sausages), and have moved on to the daily routine. The adult leadership has been instrumental in keeping the kids on task, so our work is now pretty much done, ha ha.

The weather has been fine so far, on the cool side but pleasant. We’re all hoping that it stays like this.

Until tomorrow!

Mr. Sutton