Board of Review

A Board of Review is a integral component of the Boy Scout Advancement process. It is an opportunity for the Scout to speak with a group of Troop adults (not a parent) and share their accomplishments, answer some questions about their Scout experiences, and give feedback about the Troop. The Board of Review is a formal process and requires each Scout to be in full uniform, sit up, speak up and be an example of the Scout spirit and law.

Parents in the Troop may be asked to participate in Boards of Review, but not for your son. To assist you in this process, we have a Board of Review Guide that contains a lot of good information and some sample questions. Please review this document and possibly bring along when participating on a Board of Review.

Our Troop Calendar has regular Boards of Review (BOR) planned for the third week of each month at the Troop Meetings. If any Scouts have completed a Scout Master Conference and are ready for a BOR, they need to contact our Advancement Chairman, Mr. West, to get on the next BOR schedule.